By Robyn Collins

Christ Stapleton’s new album From a Room: Volume 1 was released today (May 5).

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For a man with such a happy marriage with his wife and singing partner, Morganne, Stapleton does a great job of singing about the hard stuff, and he does that a lot on this record.

Here are our favorite five tracks from Stapleton’s latest.

“Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning”
The track sounds like something George Jones would’ve sung. The slow moving, sad song about someone leaving, with the steel guitar crying in the background will break your heart. It’ll make you hurt.

“Second One To Know”
Stapleton’s asks his lover to keep the love going strong, on this rocking cut, but if she can’t, don’t let him be the last one to know.

“Either Way”
A stunningly sad song about being so done in a relationship, that the love is completely gone. It describes the weariness that sets in when there isn’t enough care left to even hate the person.

“I Was Wrong”
The ultimate apology song recounts the things that are said that you can’t take back. The singer is admitting failures, but also recounting and owning the actual ways that he has hurt the person on the other end of the relationship.

“Them Stems”
The track is a bluesy jam about smoking pot, down to the stems. In the story, he has run out of the good stuff, so he’s getting high on the leftover stems of the herbal remedy. Anyone with a vice will relate to getting down to the end of your stash (of whatever) and trying to find a buzz to get you through.


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