I am SO in love with this idea!!!

It’s the perfect combination of romance, yinzer and your favorite TV show.

A newlywed couple did a “This Is Us” themed photo shoot for their wedding!! And the pictures are GORGEOUS!

The bride was wearing a flowy dress and a flower crown, just like Rebecca did in the all-flashback episode to Rebecca and Jack’s wedding.

And (whether or not they actually got married at the courthouse), they took pictures in front of one, and it very much resembles the moment Rebecca and Jack busted out of there after they got married! Just beautiful! Here’s a sneak peek of it:

And to make things even more perfect, according to Cosmopolitan.com, the couple had actually just moved out of their old apartment, but still had the lease for an additional month – so they were able to recreate the anniversary episode in their photos!

It mimics the time when Jack rented out their first apartment for the night, on their anniversary, and decorated the whole thing in twinkle lights. So. much. romance. IT HURTS!

And finally – can’t forget the yinzer part! They used a Terrible Towel in photos with their wedding rings and her bridal bouquet! Because you can’t have “This Is Us” without a touch of Pittsburgh!

You can see the entire, too-perfect-for-words, photo shoot here! It’s guaranteed to make your heart flutter!


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