Trending @ 10: “Friends” Revival Poster Faked Us All Out!


Today’s Trending @ 10 fooled A LOT of people this weekend, including yours truly.

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw this and I was fooled for more than a few seconds.

THIS POSTER was all over my newsfeed! A “FRIENDS” REVIVAL TEASER!!!

It said “FALL 2018” in the “Friends” font, with the little red, yellow and blue dots in between each letter, and it looked like it was written on the door of Monica’s apartment, with the little yellow frame underneath it. It was teasing a revival season for next fall!! The NBC logo was even on it!! You can see it on Buzzfeed here!

It was honestly pretty convincing at first glance, especially because it was coming from the Facebook page of “David Schwimer”. The only problem there? He spells it David SCHWIMMER. Ugh, rookie mistake. I can’t believe I missed it. I was letting hope and excitement get the best of me. lolol

Anyway, the Facebook page doesn’t exist anymore, because IT WAS ALL A LIE. Thanks for getting our hopes up again and letting us down AGAIN, you fake Ross Geller.


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