Today’s Trending @ 10 is my all-time WORST nightmare!

It happened at the Six Flags in Texas over the weekend. According to their local news station WFAA, 8 students rode a brand new roller coaster at the park – The Joker – and something happened that the ride malfunctioned and STALLED.

That happens more often than we’d like to think, BUT this time was even worse. Not only were the students on the part of the ride where the seats were leaning backward, they were stuck there OVERNIGHT as STORMS came through!!!

Talk about the literal occurrence of ‘when it rains, it pours’, huh?

Thankfully, crews were able to rescue all of the students, and they’re all safe now. But I think it’s also safe to say they won’t be riding The Joker EVER. AGAIN.

Get more here!


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