The trial is currently set to begin on August 7.

There has been a new development today in the legal battle between Taylor Swift and former Denver Country radio DJ, David Mueller.

Mueller sued Swift in 2015, claiming he was fired after false allegations that he groped the singer at an event in 2013. Swift countersued that same year claiming sexual assault and battery.

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Today, a Judge partially granted Swift’s motion for summary judgment, however, the case will still receive a jury trial.

The Judge threw out Mueller’s claims of slander per se and slander per quod, as the statues on those claims had expired, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Having reviewed these evidentiary materials, the Court finds that the central and genuine dispute remains,” wrote U.S. District Court Judge William Martinez. “Certain witnesses’ testimony tends to corroborate Swift’s version of events, and Mueller points to other evidence that he argues shows inconsistencies in Swift’s story. None of this changes the reality that if a jury accepts Mueller’s version of the facts, then it must substantially reject Swift’s version and vice versa. In ruling on summary judgment, it is not the Court’s role to resolve this dispute.”

The trial is currently set to being on August 7.

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