We all need to be looking at Mayor Peduto after today’s Trending @ 10!

I know it still stings to talk about the Pens loss to the Predators last night, BUT Nashville’s mayor, Megan Barry, did an AMAZING thing for the city of Nashville after they won last night.

She wrote the entire city a late excuse for work today!!! That way they could continue partying and celebrating the win last night – in fact, she said it was their DUTY to do so!!

While I hate that the Pens lost last night, I have to admit, this was a PHENOMENAL idea.

SO NOW – Mayor Peduto, if you’re reading this:

If (and when) we win on Thursday night, I propose that you one-up Nashville and give the city of Pittsburgh a 3-day weekend!!!

The city would love you FOREVER. Just throwing it out there! 🙂


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