I’m sure you know, because 650,000 (!!!) of us showed up yesterday, the Pens Victory Parade was UNREAL. But by far the best thing to come from it, in my opinion, is today’s Trending @ 10!

Pittsburgh Penguin Justin Schultz, the champ that he is, was chugging a beer as he was walking the parade route! Someone took a picture of it and posted it on Twitter:

And of course, Twitter got its hands on it, and Schultz is now a VIRAL MEME! I give you the “Justin Schultz Chug Walk Meme”!!

People were photoshopping him into ALL SORTS of different scenes. Check these out – I dare you not to laugh!

Good luck finding him in this one (you’ll crack up once you do):

And this one, this one takes the cake for me! Someone photoshopped him into “The Lion King”!!

Can anyone do it for the opening scene? Have him lifting Simba with the beer? I’ll love you forever!


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