I just think people should know at this point, that when it comes to Ellen DeGeneres, there are ALWAYS hidden cameras.

But one fan didn’t consider that on today’s Trending @ 10, and she got a lifetime of humiliation for it!

Ellen put out a swag table before the taping of one of her shows last week, and put up a sign that said they could each have ONE item, just one!

And of course she put up hidden cameras because she wanted to see just how honest her audience was – and most of them were!

Except this one girl, Nancy. C’MON NANCY.

She not only took multiple items, but went back to the table multiple times to switch items out! It’s unreal! And it was all caught on video!

Of course Ellen couldn’t let that go without teaching Nancy a lesson. SHE PLAYED THE VIDEO BACK ON LIVE TV AND THEN PUT NANCY IN ELLEN JAIL.

IT’S ALMOST TO CRINGEWORTHY TO WATCH. Almost. Lesson learned, Ellen is ALWAYS watching! lolol Check out the video above!


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