By Maria D'Antonio

I’ve got some GREAT news for today’s Trending @ 10 to kick off your work week, ESPECIALLY if you’re a ‘Star Wars’ fan (and who isn’t?!)!

Disney announced at the D23 Expo this weekend that a ‘Star Wars’ attraction is coming to Disneyland AND Disney World!!

According to Disney Parks blog, it’s going to be called “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” and it will feature to ride slash attractions!

The first will take you inside a Star Destroyer! You’ll get to experience it all from inside the hangar bay! They’re saying it’s on a scale bigger than they’ve ever done before!

And on the second ride, you get to FLY THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!! No joke, you get to go on some kind of mission, shoot blasters, prepare to go into hyperspace…it looks super cool!

Plus, and one of the best parts I think, all of your favorite characters will be seen walking around the park! Chewbacca, B-88, the whole crew!

Check out the video above – and start planning that trip for 2019!


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