Dan + Shay Shut Haters DOWN on Twitter!

So, I saw this happening LIVE on Twitter last night and I was surprised because you rarely, if EVER, see Dan + Shay caught up in ANY drama, but I have to say – I’m proud of how they stood up for themselves!

They were tweeting about their new single Road Trippin’ (which is totally awesome AND was picked by the fans as the next single):

When this guy came out of left field and had this to say:

And that’s when Dan + Shay SHUT. HIM. DOWN:

The guy responded with this (eye roll):

And that’s when Dan’s wife, Abby, put in her AMAZING 2 cents:

PREACH IT, ABBY! This guy was obviously delusional, amiright? The boys had one final word:

And then ended the whole thing on this little high note:

Well played, boys! Pittsburgh loves you forever! Keep rockin’!

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