By Maria D'Antonio

This video is WILD.

Why you would ever waste a front row seat at a LUKE BRYAN show doing this, I’ll never know, but here we go:

This girl and her boyfriend were front row at a recent Luke Bryan show and they were having and all-out ARGUMENT.

She was screaming at him at the top of her lungs (been there), her arms were FLAILING as she was trying to make her point (been there, too), and obviously since they were front row, Luke saw ALL of this going down!

So, of course, being the nice guy that he is, Luke tried to help them fix things while he was PERFORMING…and her reaction is UNREAL.

She shooed him not once, but TWICE.

I don’t care HOW mad I was, I would never shoo Luke Bryan. Hey girl, I’ll take your tickets next time! 🙂


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