With a short exchange about names, the trio agreed that it would be “Brooks” if it was a boy or a girl.

By Robyn Collins

Expectant moms and dads have been posting all kinds of cute “gender reveals” to share the sex of their unborn child. One couple saved their moment for the stage, with country legend Garth Brooks doing the honors.

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At Brooks’ Los Angeles show, the expectant couple was brought to the edge of the stage. The country superstar walked over and asked “Are you with child?” Then said, “Honey, you look fantastic.”

After a short conference, the trio agreed that regardless of gender, Brooks would make a fine baby name.

Garth opened the envelope with the pertinent information and said, “I have three of these.” Brooks has three daughters: August, Allie and Taylor.

He went on to give some daddy-daughter words of wisdom, “Especially with young girls, Dad, you tell ’em that they don’t need some stinkin’ boy to tell ‘em how cool they are. They’re great already.”

The country singer made a promise, that if he’s still alive when Brooks goes to college, he will pay her tuition. The audience erupted.

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