By Maria D'Antonio

I can’t tell you how many rainy or snowy days I spent behind my dad’s desk as a kid, creating MASTERPIECES on Microsoft Paint!

You know how you would scribble crazy lines all over the screen and then use the paint can to fill them in with different colors (a lot like the picture above)?! And you always felt like Van Gogh or Picasso afterwards!

Yeah, according to, today’s kids won’t get a chance to experience that PURE JOY. Microsoft is getting rid of Paint!!

It’s been officially added to the “Deprecated” list, which loosely translates to “stuff that’s getting the AX”! They’re apparently replacing it with the new 3D Paint, and you can read more about that here.

Call me old fashioned, but I still edit photos on Paint! This is the end of an era! RIP Paint, you’ll be missed (by me at least).


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