By Maria D'Antonio

We finally have some answers about ‘Kevin Can Wait’ on today’s Trending @ 10!

According to, it looks like the show is slowly but surely morphing into ‘King of Queens’.

We found out at the end of last season that the show wasn’t bringing back Kevin’s on-screen wife, Erinn Hayes, because they wanted to bring in Leah Remini, Kevin’s FORMER on-screen wife, in her place.

We didn’t know how she would be exiting, though, until now.

They’re going to be killing her off, then for the first episode of Season 2, they will fast-forward 9 months to a year after her death, and BAM! Enter: Leah Remini!

NOW – Will she be the new girlfriend that helps him get through all of this? Or will she just be a friend? Some other kind of female figure for the kids? WHO KNOWS – But we’re going to find out this Fall!


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