By Maria D'Antonio

OK – without giving ANY spoilers about the Season 2 premiere of ‘This Is Us’ last night, I COULD NOT STOP CRYING. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

I think I went through an entire box of Kleenex in the last 3 minutes. UGH.

And Jimmy Fallon, funny guy that he is, decided to spoof that all-too-true reaction that ALL of America has to its new favorite show.

The cast of ‘This Is Us’ was on ‘The Tonight Show’ last night, and they did a skit where Jimmy played a sound guy on the set, and COULD NOT STOP CRYING while they were filming!!

And it’s funny, because it’s TRUE. Honestly, who WOULDN’T be that way?! It’s actually reason #1 I could never work for the show. lolol

Check out the video above and laugh at how much we cry!!


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