By Maria D'Antonio

YAAAAAAAAS!! ‘Stranger Things’ fans, get ready!!

Season 2 is getting SO CLOSE we can smell it!

And the creators are giving us some more stuff to chew on before they release the full season on Netflix on October 27: The episode titles!!!

If you didn’t catch them all in the video (it took me a few views to catch ’em), the titles go as follows:

1. MadMax
2. Trick Or Treat Freak
3. The Pollywog
4. Will The Wise
5. Dig Dug
6. The Spy
…and then Chapters 7, 8 and 9 weren’t revealed.


My mind is going WILD with curiosity right now!! What is a Pollywog?! Is this a new creature from the upside down that we’re going to meet?!

AND “Will the Wise”?!?!?! Why does that title freak me out so much?! Is he REALLY ok after being rescued from the upside down!??! Or is he faking it?! What’s going on in his head?!?!

So many questions that won’t be answered…until my binge-watching session after work on the 27th. Popcorn (and Eggos) – ready!


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