Dr. Brent Doiron From University of Pittsburgh’s Math Department Solves Math Meme Once And For All

Author: Broadway's Backyard

by: Jade Hilliard

Remember this math problem??

It BLEW UP on Broadway’s Backyard Facebook page (@broadwayonair) last month. It’s reached over 4.1 million people; over 100,000 comments; 6.6k reactions; and 2,607 shares. I’m sure the correct answer is in there somewhere, but it’s too hard to tell. 70, 25, 3, 60, 16. They’re all over the place! So what is it??

We invited Dr. Brent Doiron from Pitt’s Math Department onto Broadway’s Backyard Friday morning for an explanation and a final answer.

Here’s the answer we’ve all been waiting for:

Dr. Doiron received his PhD in Physics at the University of Ottawa and has been a professor for 10 years.

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