"There's few things that I'm willing to be fired over and one of them is I will not root for the Pittsburgh Steelers."

Blake Shelton released his 10th studio album today (Nov. 3), “Texoma Shore.” Broadway spoke with Blake about the new music and even worked in some questions about the Steelers and his friend turned reality show foe, Luke Bryan.

Blake’s boss, John “Espo” Esposito (Chairman & CEO of Warner Music Nashville) is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but Blake is not. Blake said, “There’s few things that I’m willing to be fired over and one of them is I will not root for the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

He told Broadway why he grew up, rooting against the Steelers and how it continues today with his boss, Espo. “My dad was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and so when I was a kid, just to drive him crazy, he would watch the games and whether it was Dallas or whoever it was, I would root against them just to get under his skin. But now my dad passed away, so Espo has taken on now the role of I get to pick on him about Pittsburgh.

“Every time I bet against Pittsburgh, I end up having to wear a Pittsburgh jersey, a cap, I gotta put on a tutu. I’ve not learned my lesson over the years that it’s just one of those teams that God likes a little bit more than any other team in the NFL. They always get that…the wind blows their direction. It’s maddening if you’re not on board. Good for you guys, actually.”

Oh, in case you couldn’t tell, credit for that terrible Luke Bryan impression at the beginning of the interview goes to Broadway. Blake wasn’t buyin’ it at all.


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