By Maria D'Antonio

If you’re an iPhone owner, and you’ve updated to the latest iOS 11.1, then you’re probably experiencing that ANNOYING “I” bug.

It happens when you try to type “I” – it replaces it with the letter “A” and a “?” symbol. I haven’t updated my phone yet, but I’ve seen it all over Twitter this weekend and even I’M annoyed by it!

THANKFULLY, someone has come up with a hack for a temporary fix until we get a new update with the bugs worked out! says the following steps should help you out:

“Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, and finally Text Replacement. Next, select the + in the upper right-hand corner, then type a lowercase “i” into the “phrase” line and an uppercase “I” into the “shortcut” line and tap “save.” You might have to do this twice for it to work.”

Bada-boom, bada-bing, all fixed! Say bye-bye to “A ?”! Hope it helps!


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