By Broadway's Backyard

Emily Kinney, most of you know her as Beth from AMC’s “Walking Dead,” has a new role on ABC’s Ten Days in the Valley. We caught up with her and ask what are some things she loves & dislikes about her character, Casey.

“She’s really eager to please and trying to be this personal assistant to this person that really admires and doesn’t necessarily fit in with the writers in the group. But then she’s also got these secrets. She has a sort of secret affair with Kyra’s ex-husband,” she said. “I liked playing someone that was completely different from me and sort of had all these secrets, so I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.”

Besides acting, Emily is also a pop singer. She actually just released a new single, “Mermaid Song.” But how does she feel about country music?

“I do like country music,” said Kinney. “I’ve been listening to more of it recently. I like that girl, Kelsea Ballerini. She’s really good and I follow her on Instagram.”

And you know We couldn’t let Emily go without asking some questions about one of our favorite shows, Walking Dead. She told Broadway, “I think Beth really is dead, but I don’t know. I mean, you never know I guess.” She continued, “I’m proud to be part of that show. I feel like the acting and the writing and the crew and everyone on the show is just top-notch.”



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