Founders CBS: Will It Be available in The Burgh?

Author: Broadway's Backyard

Founders Brewing Co. is releasing their highly sough-after CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) for the first time in 7 years. Will The Burgh be tasting the sweet nectar? YES! But how? When? Where? I’ve been doing some research and it appears Giant Eagle and Whole Foods will be receiving some bottles. Now, depending on who you talk to they may or may not actually sell it. Some people believe employees might just keep it for themselves. The suggested retail price is $24.99. That doesn’t mean stores will sell it for that. If a store is at all familiar with how rare a bottle of CBS is, they could jack-up the price to $50…or $75…maybe even $100!

In addition to bottles, we will be seeing some local tappings. Check here to find out where those will happen.

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