By Maria D'Antonio

WOW. This is just one of those moments that gives you chills and you think, “That was just supposed to happen.”

Jimmy Fallon returned to ‘The Tonight Show’ last night for his first episode since his mother, Gloria, passed away, and to say his opening monologue was emotional would be an understatement. I don’t know how he even got through it. I was bawling just watching him muddle through it!

ANYWAY, he told this beautiful story about how his mom used to squeeze his hand 3 times to say “I love you” and he would squeeze back and say “I love you, too”:

Once you collect yourself from that, get the tissues ready again – because it gets even MORE emotional from there.

In a series of tweets from one of the show’s producers, Mike DiCenzo, he reveals that Taylor Swift was asked to do last night’s show on a whim. When she accepted, no one had heard the song she was going to perform, “New Year’s Day”, no one knew that Jimmy was going to tell the story he told about his mom, and absolutely NO ONE knew that the two would be connected in this way:

I. AM. SOBBING. This was totally meant to be. Sending so much love to you, Jimmy Fallon.

Watch Taylor Swift’s performance of “New Year’s Day” above.


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