Baby Stops Crying When He Hears Chris Young’s ‘Losing Sleep’

Author: Broadway's Backyard

My heart is MELTING.

Morgan Chelsea of California posted a video to her Instagram (@morganchels_) of her baby boy crying! Awe poor baby…
But have no fear! Super moms find magical ways to put smiles on their babies faces daily, and this song just did the trick.

As soon as she began playing “Losing Sleep,” by Chris Young, the baby calmed down! Which is very ironic, because he was “losing sleep” by crying.

Not only did it make the baby smile, it made Chris Young smile too, because he shared the video on his Instagram account (@chrisyoungmusic) for all of us to enjoy.

You’re not alone sweet baby boy! This song calms me down, too 😉

– Jade

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