Kelly from Greensburg called Broadway and told him that she went hunting for the first time and shot a 22-point buck.

“My boyfriend finally let me go hunting with him yesterday, and we’re over in Butler, and I shot a 22-point buck. I was so excited,” she told Broadway. “I’d never been hunting before.”

A 22-point buck on her first hunting trip! And there’s more to the story too!

“We’re driving along after we load up the deer and it literally, I kid you not, came to and jumped right out of the bed of the truck. I was shocked.”

Kelly said it jumped out somewhere in North Versailles as they were on their way back to Greensburg. Unfortunately, she said she did not get a photo of the buck.

UPDATE (11/30):

Lucas, Kelly’s boyfriend, later joined Broadway’s Backyard to help fill some holes in Kelly’s story and to tell us what happened from his perspective.


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