Daryle Singletary Dies At Age 46
June Foray 1917-2017: You Grew Up With Her. We All DidJune Foray passed a mere eight weeks shy of her 100th birthday. And although you may not know the face or the name, you probably know more of her work than you realize.
Burgh-based "Downward Dog" Cancelled By ABC, But Are The Dog Days Over For Good?The creators, cast and crew of this charming sitcom now look for a new network and a second chance. If any show deserved one, Charlie thinks it's "Downward Dog."
'Downward Dog' Puts Pittsburgh In The SpotlightSet your DVR to catch this while the Pens play the Sens!
If At First You Don't Succeed, Remember Lauren Alaina"Road Less Traveled" couldn't be a more perfect way to describe Lauren Alaina's road to the top of the Country singles charts.
Kelsea Ballerini's Palm Sunday PresentYou may think Kelsea Ballerini and friends are heavenly angels when you hear this acapella rendition of "Amazing Grace!"
Hear The Brand New Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Duet "Speak To A Girl" - And Six Other Essential Tim & Faith Duets"Speak To A Girl" is the latest in a 20-year legacy of Tim McGraw/Faith Hill duets.
Who Was Chuck Barris And What Was His Six-Degrees Pittsburgh Connection?Ever shake your head at what's on TV? Chuck Barris has been accused - more than once - for singlehandedly lowering the quality of the medium. But something he did early in his career became a theme song for a Pittsburgh institution.
Chuck Berry Broke Down Barriers, But Some RemainHe broke down barriers while making his mark on Pop Culture, inventing the electric guitar solo in the process. But as I'll share, there are still barriers that not even Chuck Berry could break.
When Garth Brooks - And Country Music - Took Center StageGarth Brooks forever changed the face of popular culture. Despite his enduring popularity, THIS is a rarely told story...which is exactly why Charlie's sharing it!
A Look At Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Past, Present...And A Request For The Future?
How A Country Album Became A Champion Of Civil RightsRay Charles "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music" not only brought Country to a wider audience than ever; its Soulful arrangements of Country hits transformed racial boundaries at a critical time in the struggle for civil rights.

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