Broadway’s Backyard

Beer Me! with ShuBrew

ShuBrew owner/CEO/head brewer Zach’s obsession with video games shows with ShuBrew’s two latest can releases.


Dierks Bentley Rides Emotional Roller Coaster Shaving Off His Mustache

Dierks Bentley posted a video of his break-up with his mustache.


Broadway’s Backyard Talks To Local Woman Who Rode Horse Through Drive-Thru

Marci from Cheswick rode her horse through a local Wendy’s drive-thru. Does the horse actually eat the frosty? Why didn’t she get fries, too?? She joined Broadway’s Backyard to tell us why.


Beer Me! with Grist House

Brian and Zach from Grist House stopped by with sample of their hugely popular sour IPA, “Early Warning.”


State Trooper Explains How To Merge Properly

It looks like Pittsburghers aren’t the only ones who don’t know how to merge!


Country Legend Shares #MeToo Story For First Time

A country legend revealed that a teacher attempted to sexually abuse him back in seventh grade, then performed this song.


Backyard Low Budget Vow Renewal

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your spouse but you’re not quite sure what to do this year?


Pens Video Tribute To Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury made his return to Pittsburgh for the first time as a Golden Knight to take on our Penguins.


Kane Brown Reveals Exclusive Details About His Wedding

Kane Brown joined Broadway’s Backyard and disclosed when and where his wedding is happening, and who’s DJing.


Beer Me! with Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing owners Al, Amy, and Matt stopped by to share with yinz guys the story of how their brewery came to be.



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