Disney-Themed Bar Crawl?! SIGN ME UP!This is TOTALLY worth a trip to the U.K.!
Trending @ 10: Get A Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for 80 Cents!!This is not a drill!
Genius on Twitter Makes McFlurry Ice Cream Sandwich!This is taking fast-food-sweet-tooth cravings to the next level!
Trending @ 10: LIGHTSABER CHURROS EXIST (in Disneyland)!May the Force be with you for the entire month of May!
Trending @ 10: Fireball Now Comes IN A BOX!They're calling it a "Firebox"!
Trending @ 10: Burger King Adds FROOT LOOPS Milkshake to Its Lineup!This is a welcome throwback!
Trending @ 10: Starbucks Introducing UNICORN Frappucino This Week!You'll want this just because it's SO PRETTY.
Trending @ 10: Get Free Slurpees with Your Siblings!It's BOGO all week long at 7-Eleven!
Trending @ 10: Ben & Jerry's Creates Ice Cream Lock!For those of us who live with people who have sticky fingers!!
Walmart is Giving Out Free Cupcakes on Sunday!...and here's how to get one!
Trending @ 10: Harry Potter Film and Cultural Festival Coming to Pittsburgh!FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!
Trending @ 10: Oreo Beer Now Exists!I know it sounds weird, but stick with me on this one!

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