Do You Remember the First Show You Binge-Watched on Netflix?Netflix tells you how to find that information out!
A New Sam Hunt Song Has Arrived!This is Sam Hunt's first release since "Body Like a Back Road" dropped in February.
'Stranger Things' Season 2 Opens Up in PITTSBURGH!!As if this show couldn't get any better!!!
'Stranger Things' Episode Titles Revealed for Season 2!Is it October 27th yet?! HURRY UP!
LOOK: New Poster for Season 2 of 'Stranger Things'!Hurry up, October!
Trending @ 10: 'Carmen Sandiego' Officially Getting Reboot on Netflix!!This show was responsible for how I learned geography as a kid.
Trending @ 10: Netflix Rolls Out 'Thumbs Up' Rating System!No more 5 star ratings for you!
Trending @ 10: Netflix Binge-Watching Just Got SO Much Better!Say hello to the SKIP BUTTON!
WATCH: First Trailer Released for Netflix Series "Mindhunter"!It was filmed here in Pittsburgh!
Trending @ 10: Kate McKinnon to Voice Ms. Frizzle On 'Magic School Bus' Reboot!Thank you, Netflix!
Trending @ 10: Netflix Tweeted About Rory Gilmore's Baby Daddy!How dare they tease us like this!
Trending @ 10: Watch the New Trailer for 'Fuller House' Season 2!PLUS, we have a release date!

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