Taylor Swift Gives Unexpected Tribute to Jimmy Fallon's Mom on 'The Tonight Show'WOW. This was one of those moments that was just supposed to happen.
Jimmy Fallon Plays Sound Guy Who Can't Stop Crying on Set of 'This Is Us'!Who wouldn't be this way, though?
Trending @ 10: 'Tonight Show' Superlatives Take On Stanley Cup Finals!Wait til you see what Malkin's is!
Trending @ 10: Blake Shelton Tries Jimmy Fallon's New Ride at Universal Studios!...and he smack talks Jimmy, until he gets on the ride!!
WATCH: Kelsea Ballerini Performs on 'The Tonight Show'!Watch the whole performance here!
Trending @ 10: Jimmy Fallon Plans Surprise Military Homecoming for His Producer!How he pulled this off without his producer knowing, I'LL NEVER KNOW!
Trending @ 10: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Take On Haunted House!You'll laugh so hard at this, you won't be able to breathe!
Trending @ 10: Blake Shelton Makes Jimmy Fallon Milk a Cow!I do not envy Jimmy Fallon...AT ALL!

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