Is Brett Eldredge Dating Sadie Robertson?

December 12, 2017
Brett Eldredge is getting cozy with his co-star in his latest video, "The Long Way." Who is she, you ask? Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson. A lot has been said about the pair since the video debuted. Maybe that's because Brett couldn't help but to gush over her in recent interviews. Broadway & Jade had a chance to chat with Sadie's Great Uncle Si about his new band, "Uncle Si & The Sicotics" and during the conversation, they asked about the pair pointblank. "No I haven't (seen the video). I still haven't. I saw the one where she was with the rapper. But I haven't seen the other one. Ya know. Sadie is doing too much stuff. She's got too much going on." The video Si was referring to is Steven Malcolm's "Cereal Remix."