Lost and Found Backpack in the Backyard

January 4, 2018
Earlier this week a listener called in to Broadway's Backyard with a dilemma. He found a backpack filled with a large sum of money in Allison Park. He felt like it was the answer to all of his financial prayers. He didn't want to say how much, didn't want to say what it looked like... Take a listen: It didn't take long for another listener to contact us claiming the backpack was theirs. Moments later, Broadway's Backyard received this call: Hmmm.... we have a lot of questions after that. After sifting through a couple days worth of emails and Facebook messages, Broadway & Jade felt like they found the backpack's rightful owner. JANUARY 11 UPDATE: After connecting the "owner" and the "finder" together, Broadway's Backyard checked in with the anonymous finder to see how the exchange went. Listen to what happened: