Business Might Not Be Boomin' For AB Jerseys

January 29, 2019

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Before the end of the 2018 Steelers season it seemed like everything Antonio Brown touched turned to gold. He had endorsement deals all over and in January 2018 had the 4th most popular selling jersey out of all NFL players but that appears to have changed.

After over a year of off-field shenanigans it appears Steelers Nation has started to sour on Brown.

The Post-Gazette Steelers writer Ed Bouchette tweeted this photo the other day with AB replica jerseys selling for 50 percent off.

It’s not officially clear if the jersey isn’t selling well or if the store has a large number of #84 jerseys and figure he’ll be traded so they’re just getting rid of them while he’s still a Steeler.

Do you have an AB jersey, do you still wear it with pride?


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