Newborn on Hospital’s 10th Floor Meets Grandparents on the Ground

April 14, 2020

A newborn in Massachusetts was able to meet his grandparents in a unique way.

The baby boy met his grandparents amid coronavirus social distancing, even when ten floors separated them.

Jarrod and Stacy O’Donnell welcomed their son Jack at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on April 1. Due to hospital regulations, Jarrod was the only family member allowed on the labor delivery floor, reported Good Morning America. 

The heartwarming photos show Jack was greeted from the window by his grandparents Tod and Judy O’Donnell. Both grandparents held a sign from the ground floor that read, “Welcome Jack.”

Tod O'Donnell said the pandemic is putting parents all around the world in a position where they feel lonely due to not being able to visit their families. He wanted to bring a smile to his grandson's face, and that is why he created the sign.

"We really felt like we wanted to make an effort to go in. We kind of represented everybody. We're all here. We're all welcoming, Jack," he said.

Jarrod and Stacy experienced anxiety during their son's birth because this was their first time becoming parents. Both did not expect that they would welcome a son during this worldwide pandemic.

"There's a little bit of anxiety about [being a new mom], but certainly giving birth during a pandemic and global crisis was not on my list of things that I could have anticipated," Stacy O'Donnell said.

The new parents found it easy when they were looking down to see the grandparents. The family had a red LED light that helped them find the window. Jarrod shared that his mother had a very noticeable car.

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