Dixie Chicks Return With 'Gaslighter' Single and Video

Listen to the trio's first new song in 14 years

March 4, 2020

It had been 14 years since country trio Dixie Chicks released music, and today they are back with a boom!

Aptly titled “Gaslighter,” the title track of their upcoming album is an upbeat anthem about being angry and not putting up with it anymore.

The accompanying video puts Natalie Maines, Martie Macguire and Emily Strayer on an old fashioned TV donning spike-adorned military uniforms. The clip is spliced with archival Hollywood performances and other vintage footage.

The track was co-written with and produced by Jack Antonoff. Rumors of new music coming from Dixie Chicks started in 2019 when they appeared on Taylor Swift’s seventh album, Lover. Antonoff is a long-time collaborator with Swift, and Taylor has long echoed her praises of the country group.

The track is said to be inspired by Maines’ divorce from ex-husband Adrian Pasdar, and the legal battle that followed. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Strayer admits the Dixie Chicks planned to write with lots of different people, but once they wrote “Gaslighter” with Antonoff, they knew they had the sound they wanted for the album.

Dixie Chicks’ comeback has been long awaited. Their last release as a trio was 2006’s Taking the Long Way. In the years since their last album, Maines released a solo album while sisters Strayer and Macguire formed the Court Yard Hounds.

Gaslighter is set to be released on May 1st.

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