Miranda Lambert Is on the Hook to Get This Tattoo, but She's Nervous

It's celebration ink

July 24, 2020

Back when Country singer Miranda Lambert released her seventh album Wildcard in November of 2019, she had already been bitten by the ink bug. By now, she's got tattoos on her right elbow to the tips of her fingers, one on each of her feet, and another on her left forearm... and it looks like there could be another one on the way.

One of the co-writers on Miranda's latest single, "Bluebird" -- Luke Dick -- made her a proposition a while back: If the song hit number one on radio, they'd get bluebird tattoos together.

"This morning he’s sending me drawings and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he really means this,'" Miranda told Taste Of Country.

Obviously, she's not exactly opposed to getting more ink, she's just worried. “My arms are getting pretty full already," she admits. But it may be too late. "Bluebird" is set to hit the milestone on Monday, so celebration will be in order.

“I’m a little bit sad we can’t celebrate in a bigger way, but there will be a time for that,” Miranda says as she looks forward to getting back out in front of her fans.

In the meantime, she tells RADIO.COM that she and husband Brendan are just enjoying the quality time lockdown has given the newlyweds and their ever-growing family of four-legged friends.

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