New Instagram Show ‘Quarantined Bachelor’ Goes Viral

April 6, 2020

Many of us are familiar with working from home, but what about dating from home?

Two men based in San Francisco started an Instagram online dating series called “Quarantined Bachelor,” based on the popular television series “The Bachelor.”

Two former Yelp employees in the Bay area, Tyler Cohen and Jimmy Parenteau, are the masterminds behind this new series, reported TMZ. Both men wanted to start a live dating show in San Francisco but had to change ideas and make a virtual dating series instead.

Instead of a rose, like on “The Bachelor,” contestants are given a roll of toilet paper. Each series happens over a week and a half. The process includes a group meet-and-greet and one-on-one virtual dates that are edited down to a couple of minutes.

A single gentleman is chosen as the bachelor and is introduced to a bunch of potential women via Zoom. Once that happens, then they go on individual dates with the bachelor until it is down to a final three and then elimination.

The first season of “Quarantined Bachelor” already wrapped, and you can catch the episodes on the show’s official Instagram page. The final "roll ceremony" was recorded Thursday night and aired on Friday. As the show finished, it also found its leading man, Richard Shall.

Parenteau said an online dating app called Flutter Dating has reached out to them. The two creators said they hope to expand the series to same-sex couples.

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