Little Girl Gets Busted By Mom After Ordering Hundreds In Toys On Amazon

August 16, 2018

By Meredith Ganzman

Katelyn’s face says it all -- she’s busted!

This is the priceless moment when an Amazon truck arrived at her home with a bunch of toys she ordered -- when mom wasn’t looking.

It all started when Katelyn checked the shipping status for a Barbie doll she was allowed to order on Amazon, but the sly six-year-old decided to throw a few more items in the cart. Three pages of orders later, the delivery arrived!

Her mom Catherine told that the toys, or as Katelyn calls them, her “Barbie collection”, totaled almost $400. But instead of returning the toys, the Utah family is going to donate them to Primary Children's Hospital, where Katelyn spent a week when she was born.

Catherine says it’s been a teachable moment for the family, but Katelyn certainly won’t be allowed back on the Internet by herself any time soon.