This Song Nearly Ended Scotty McCreery's Career

April 18, 2018



In most cases, when you sign a record deal you sign away your creative freedom. I'm not saying labels take away all your creative freedom, but they do have the final say on which records see the light of day. If you're struggling to get played on the radio, they will almost certainly interject and choose a song that they think fits the 'algorithm' of what makes a hit.

This happened to Scotty McCreery towards the end of his time with Universal Music Group. After failing to reach the top 5 with his first 5 singles, Scotty released a song called "Southern Belle." It was unlike anything he'd released before. It wasn't him. And it ended up being the nail in his coffin.

McCreery obviously bounced back. "Five More Minutes" was released independently and found it's way to the top of the chart, making it his first number 1 song.

Broadway asked Scotty about the song during a recent conversation. Take a listen in the clip below.