Happy ORIGINAL Birthday Mickey Mouse!

But Disney lists his birthday as November 18th. So how can it be May 16th?

May 16, 2018
Mickey Mouse is the image of wholesome today but thats NOT how he started. Get a look at the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon...not "Steamboat Willie"...but "Plane Crazy."

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


The city of Orlando, Florida - home to Walt Disney World - is thankful 'ol Walt persevered. 

A writeup in this morning's Orlando Sentinel is titled "Happy Birthday To A Naughty Mickey Mouse." 

Mickey Mouse...NAUGHTY? 

If you have six minutes to spare...see for yourself.

Wow. Naughty Mickey, indeed.

As the Sentinel article explains, Disney conducted a test screening of Plane Crazy in Los Angeles, hoping to find a distributor. But no one stepped forward. 


Back to the drawing board, where Walt and his team tried, tried again. After a second attempt, titled The Gallopin' Gaucho, was shelved, the third try was the proverbial charm.

In our current #MeToo era, it's easy to grimace seeing Mickey forcing a kiss upon Minnie. But that wasn't the case 90 years ago. And so Plane Crazy ended up as the third Mickey Mouse cartoon released, in 1929, along with The Gallopin' Gaucho.  

The Sentinel piece also lists other famous actors who, like Mickey Mouse, flopped their first time out. Take a look.