Cowboy's Thoughts: Eric Church 'Desperate Man' Album

This Album Is Flat Out Amazing

October 9, 2018
Eric Church

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


The journey for me started Thursday night. I recieved the new Eric Church Album Desperate Man on vinyl which I was so excited for, even though I don't own a record player, OH WELL DON'T CARE!!

I listened to the album on my way home from work Friday and it was the greatest drive home in my life. The first song on the album is The Snake. It gave me the feeling like I was in the 1920's running moonshine with bootleggers. Hangin' Around made me think that it should be in the Ocean's Eleven movies.

My favorite songs on the album are, Hangin' Around, Some of It, Hippie Radio, Desperate Man, Solid and Drowning Man. The whole album is actually amazing, every song makes you feel something. I really love how in every song, I can see Chief playing his guitar in front of thousands of people and just feeling the music coming from his soul. 

Favorite lyric of the album comes from the song Solid, "This ol' thing I drive around, got some rust, makes some funny sounds, but it's paid for and solid." When I first heard that, it made me think about my first truck and how it was no show pony, it was a solid Chevy Silverado.

Go listen to the album and I promise you, you won't be disappointed!