Filming Music Video Brings To Craig Morgan To Tears

"The Father, My Son And The Holy Ghost" Video Brings Tears... Be Prepared

October 21, 2019

Since he started singing country music, Craig Morgan has always made fans feel something with his songs. 

Whether it was making you feel like getting out on the river with friends with "Redneck Yacht Club" or go to a field and light a "Bonfire," Craig has made you feel something. 

His latest hit is "The Father, My Son and The Holy Ghost" which he wrote in honor of his 19 year old son Jerry Greer who passed away from a horrible tubbing accident on a lake in Tennessee. 

When he wrote this song, he sent it to his friend Blake Shelton and turns out, it took Blake a MONTH to respond to him! Craig was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show and they brought out a special guest, Blake Shelton and they talked about the song. Take a look:

Now if you thought that was emotional, his music video he released will hit you even harder. Please watch the whole video because you see how singing the song brings him to tears. As a parent, I couldn't imagine losing a child and we hope and pray for the Morgan family everyday. 

Watch the video for his hit, "The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost."