Animal Shelters Are Looking For People To Foster Pets During Coronavirus Outbreak

Shelters are also stressing that your pets can NOT get the virus!

March 17, 2020

© Mario Forcherio


Are you an animal lover and not sure what to do with all your extra time stuck in quarantine?

Now would be the time to foster a pet!

Humans are not the only ones suffer because of the coronavirus.. In an effort to avoid spreading the virus, some shelters have closed and canceled events, making it difficult for shelter pets to get adopted or feel the love that they deserve.

With no way for potential new owners to actually meet the pets, fewer are being adopted. As people get sick or self-quarantine, it’s crucial for shelters to get help extra help during this time of need.

Animal shelters across the country have been posting on social media asking for people to help foster their rescue pets in order to prepare for any impact coronavirus may have on their ability to take care of the animals.

Shelters are also stressing that your pets can NOT get the virus. 

There’s no evidence that pets can get or spread COVID-19, but the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention recommends not interacting with pets if you are sick.

If you’re healthy and in need of company while you practice social distancing, consider giving an animal a temporary home.