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If You Looking For A Good Deal, Get Ready For This One!

December 5, 2018

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Did you miss the big candle sales that happened this weekend at Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works? Don't worry, I may have just found your new favorite place for candles!

As I was browsing all of the fun that could be found at Aldi yesterday (Yes, I just said ALDI!), I found some delicious smelling Christmas candles! Not only do they look exactly like the three-wick candles that can be found at Bath and Body Works, they smell exactly like them too! The best part about them.. They're $5! Talk about a bargain right there!

In case you need a comparison on price, full price for a large two-wick candle at Yankee Candle is $29.50 and full price for a large three-wick candle at Bath and Body is $24.50.

They're the perfect scents for Christmas with Fresh Balsam, Frosted Cranberry, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Snowday.


Aldi's Candle
Kristen Buccigrossi


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