Caroline Bryan And Luke Bryan's Llama Made An Appearance On 'Very Cavallari'

March 14, 2019
Caroline and Luke Bryan

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I'm not really into "reality shows", but when I am, it involves a cast member from Laguna Beach, a retired NFL quarterback and a bunch of farm animals in Nashville.

Very Cavallari kicked off it's second season on the E! Network March 3rd following Kristin Cavallari, who used to be on MTV's Laguna Beach/The Hills, her husband Jay Cutler, who used to be the quarterback for the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins, and the insanity that ensues with running a new business while living in Nashville.

This season kicked off with Kristin and Jay moving into their new home in Nashville, which now includes farm animals; Chickens, a goat and potentially a llama?!

Kristin has said to Jay multiple times that she would love to have lots of animals on the property, so she called up her friend Caroline to visit her farm to see if a llama would be a good option. And by Caroline, I mean Caroline Bryan.. And by Caroline Bryan, I MEAN LUKE BRYAN'S WIFE.

While playing catch up on my DVR, I was shocked to see Caroline, Brett's Barn, Luke's rescue farm named after his niece who passed away, and Luke's llama Pekka!

Kristin ends up taking Pekka home for the week to see what llama life is like at her home, and of course the insanity ensues.

You can watch the appearance of Caroline, Pekka and Brett's Barn about 14 minutes into the episode.

Oh my goodness I want a llama now!

Caroline and Pekka were also on the second episode of this season, but there is no reports if Carolina, Pekka or possibly Luke will be making anymore appearances this season.

Luke and Caroline please call us! The Y'd Awake Morning Show will gladly "llama sit" whenever you need!