Carrie Underwood Is Writing A Lifestyle & Fitness Book

September 5, 2019

As if the woman wasn't busy enough, Carrie Underwood is adding author to her resume!

 Carrie is set to release a new fitness and lifestyle book, “FIND YOUR PATH: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life,” next year. 

The book is going to have Carrie opening up about her personal health journey, and offering healthy choices and simple meals that you can put together from the ingredients in your local grocery store.

In a recent interview, Carrie said, “Fitness and healthy living have been a passion of mine for years. It took time to find my way and navigate my wellness journey, and this book will provide tips and tools to help the reader find what is practical and sustainable in his or her everyday life for all 52 weeks of the year, and help lead them toward a positive lifestyle.”

Adding that to the must read list!

Anything that will get me closer to having Carrie's legs, HAS to be a must read!