Presidential Cookie Poll At A Local Bakery Is Causing Some Controversy

October 17, 2020
Oakmont Bakery

Oakmont Bakery


Oakmont Bakery, one of my favorite local bakeries, is making some news for themselves this week.

Not for their delicious sweet treats, but for their Presidential Cookie Poll.

It’s a tradition for the local business, baking cookies with the candidates’ faces.. Whoever sells the most “unofficially” wins the race.

Recently Oakmont Bakery took to social media to announce the how their Presidential Cookie Poll was going and they received A LOT of heat over it.

The Presidential Cookie tradition is something that Oakmont Bakery has been doing for 20 years!

While KDKA reported that the family debated over not doing it this year because of all of the drama already with the political election this year, they decided that tradition must go on!

As we get closer to election time, the cookies of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are flying off the baking sheets, reporting that they have sold more than 3,000!

Mark Serrao, the owner of Oakmont Bakery, was quoted saying, “The whole idea of it is to have fun. We’re not forcing anybody to buy them. We’re not endorsing any of the candidates."