High School Tries Painting Over Bathroom Mirrors To Cut Excessive Tardiness

September 11, 2019
High School

Chip Somodevilla / Staff


Tardiness has always been a problem when it comes to high school students.

When it comes to rushing from class to class, you have to stop at your locker, you stop to talk to a friend, and of course, checking how they look in the mirror, students are going to be occasionally late.

Well when it comes to a Tennessee high school, they tried to cut down on the tardiness by painting over the bathroom mirrors.

According to a local Chattanooga TV station WTVC, a district administrator asked for a worker to paint the mirrors because students were spending too much time in the bathroom instead of class.

Of course, this stroke of inspiration didn't sit well with many in the community, as well as the students.

A student at the school took to social media to vent about the situation.

After major protest from the community, the paint was removed from the mirrors.

The principal voiced an apology to the students and said that he has learned his lesson about the issue.