JuJu Smith-Schuster Makes Us Feel Like Kids Again With His First Annual Water Balloon Fight!

May 13, 2019
JuJu Smith-Schuster

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


We love when the Pittsburgh Steelers do things to give back to the community!

When we see them on the football field we sometimes forget that they're human, but JuJu Smith-Schuster tends to remind us of this every week when he is doing something good.

Over the weekend JuJu decided he was going to plan a water balloons fight with fans at Donaldson Park in Oakdale and everyone was invited, free of charge!

A few hundred people of all ages showed up Saturday for his first annual water balloon fight, all paid for by JuJu!

JuJu was quoted on Saturday saying, “It’s a beautiful day out here in Pittsburgh and I’m having the best time of my life. I wanted to the throw the biggest balloon fight and I think it’s just awesome we’re able to do this.”

Not only was there free food, free drinks, games and a DJ, fans also had the opportunity to win some great prizes including Steelers tickets, autographed items and even $100 if you were the winner of the events.

WOW! How cool is JuJu?!

What a GREAT remodel! Proud to call you a Pittsburgh Steeler! Keep it up JuJu!