Kristen Says: Single And Ready To Mingle? Here's Where You Can Meet Someone

March 14, 2019

Welcome to another episode of Kristen Says! The place where I give life advice on topics you have asked for!

I'm a radio personality and a relationship blogger, ready to lend an ear and be a friend when it comes to your problems! With that being said, keep in mind, I'm not a professional! I'm literally just a woman trying to help you out in life.

This week's topic - *cue the ominous music* - where to meet someone!

Tim from Baldwin emailed me, "Kristen - I'm single & ready to mingle, but I don't even know where to begin. Where can I meet someone?"

While we tend to think going out on dates and getting to know someone new is the "tricky" part to dating, I think it's more difficult to meet someone who intrigues your curiosity. Or better yet, someone you're willing to take a chance on to the point that you could potentially let them waste your time, money and energy on getting to know them, but then they ghost you after one bottle of wine and a movie.. Hey now! No more negative thoughts here! That will get you no where! Trust me.. I'm single.. I feel your pain, BUT only positive thoughts from here on out!

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With that being said, here is my advice on how to get back out there in the dating world and meet someone.

If you yourself are looking for some advice, or just need someone to tell you, "You're right my friend! You got this!", hit me up at [email protected] and you can see your answer on in next week's video.