Maren Morris Shuts Down Online Trolls Who Commented On Her Cleavage

July 22, 2020

Keep your comments to yourself about Maren Morris and her cleavage.. She is ready to shut you down!

Maren shared a photo on Instagram showing off her new hairstyle, captioning the shot, “ w a v y -- hair." The photo also showed off a lot of cleavage, prompting one nasty person to comment on the photo.

-- w a v y -- hair: @marwabashirhair

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The troll commented, “Wavy hair as the camera is only on your tits. Yes it’s distasteful for sure. Come on if your caption reads wavy hair maybe keep the focus on the hair, or perhaps make the caption big boobs?. Just saying like holy cow. Everything in this world doesn’t make sense anymore , clearly these littles don’t have much to look up to either.”

As you can imagine, Maren was having none of it. She shot back, “Girl BYE. Don’t let my boobs knock you on the way out.”


Maren has no time for online trolls, so prepare yourself for a comeback when you try to be mean to her on social media!